Cypress Colorful Roots
Cypress Colorful Roots
Cypress Colorful Roots
Cypress Colorful Roots
Cypress Colorful Roots

Cypress Colorful Roots

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Stitches story;

In the past as well as now, Palestinian farmers used to plant cypress trees as windbreaks. Many of our ancestors also used cypress trees in shadowing, family gatherings and parties.

Cypress represents family warmth, love and loyalty. Wear your scarf as a reminder to keep your family close as you navigate through life.

Product specifications:

Shape: Rectangular                         Weight: 11.3 oz
Dimensions: (59×19.5) in              Cloth: Cotton, Black
Threads: DMC- Silk, Red - Green - Blue - Yellow 

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“Taking on my family’s responsibilities at a really early age has giving me the motivation to strive and maintain my independence.”

Maysaa was one of the best students in her school. She dreamt to have a BA in management one day, but sadly she couldn’t! After finishing high school, as the youngest daughter she had to stay home so she could take care of her sick parents and other nine family members.

Despite many challenging obstacles, giving up was never a choice for Maysaa, and she worked hard to improve her talent in making Palestinian embroidery. Six years later she was able to pay for a Business Management diploma and fashion design courses!

She then found the Yadaiha team, and now Maysaa is able to start her own fashion shop, something she always dreamed of doing, and is able to pay for her parents’ treatment and siblings’ life needs.