Our Story

Our story

Our journey began with a talented refugee woman in Gaza named Abeer, who suffered from a debilitating neurological disease. A group of us created an embroidery project to help Abeer cover her medical costs. Regrettably, she passed away before the project got off the ground, but Abeer’s need and her talent for embroidery inspired the birth of Yadaiha.


In the early months of the project, we focused our efforts on creating opportunities that would generate much-needed income for the refugee women. Too many Gaza women hide behind ignorance and a fear of failure. We desperately wanted that to change. We identified several talented embroiderers and taught them contemporary designs. Our goal was to create handmade goods that would appeal to the global market.  


Yadaiha today

 We currently employ forty skilled refugee women in Gaza. The women hand-embroider jewelry, scarves, and accessories in native Palestinian designs, but with a modern flair and sensibility. The products are professionally designed and crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail.



Yadaiha products make beautiful, original gifts. Each bracelet, ring, necklace, and handbag is accompanied by the story of its creator and her quest for independence, despite the hardships of life in Gaza. To wear a piece of Yadaiha jewelry or a beautiful Yadaiha scarf is to feel the strength of the Palestinian spirit. Yadaiha goods speak to the enduring identity of our people, and to our love of beauty, color, and craftsmanship.