Bird Nest Bookmark
Bird Nest Bookmark
Bird Nest Bookmark
Bird Nest Bookmark

Bird Nest Bookmark

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About the bookmark;

It is embroidered handmade, professionally designed, and crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, with a modern flair and sensibility.

It is not just about book's breaks, it is about attracting you to go bake for reading as well as giving meaning it.
Choose yours now and read with your passion.

Product specifications:

Length: 5.75 in
Width: 1.9 in
Thread type: DMC - Silk

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“My dream is to help my siblings go to college, provide them with new clothes for the holidays, and even live with them in a small house.” - Hanan Mashayekh,  43 years old

After Hanan lost both parents in a car accident, she became responsible of her young siblings at the young of eighteen. This meant having to leave school and find a way to feed and educate them. Due to her lack of education and professional experience, and the hard situation in Gaza, Hana faced many barriers in finding a good job. She later discovered that the only way for her to make a good living was to study handmade crafts and work independently. She worked hard, night and day, in order to provide her brothers and sisters a good quality of life.

Yadaiha has provided this great woman a real chance to succeed, guiding her to achieve her goals and to build a new future for her family full of determination and hope.