Blue Luck stars
Blue Luck stars
Blue Luck stars

Blue Luck stars

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Stitches story;

The women embroidered a pattern of red fabric to share it with the world as a necklace with the red Palestinian traditional color.

Make a wish and put on your necklace. It's no secret, the way to success is doing what you love! Wear your necklace as a reminder that you can do anything you set your mind and your heart to!

Product specifications:

Shape: Rectangular                         Weight: 11.3 oz
Dimensions: (59×19.5) in              Cloth: Cotton, Beige
Threads: DMC- Silk, Light blue- Blue

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“I was always worried about the day I would wake up without my mom, but I never imagined that I would lose both of my parents in one month!”

Enas always dreamed of being a teacher in the future, but unfortunately, she lost both of her parents in one month. With her parents no longer around to provide for their three daughters and one son, it was up to Enas as the oldest daughter to take on the responsibility of supporting her entire family.

Thankfully she found the Yadaiha team in the Gaza Strip, and after 6 months of working in accessories finishing, Enas is finally able to pursue her studies as well as provide for her family.

She dreams to graduate from the English department, and to be an impactful teacher in the future, especially by teaching her students how to overcome life’s many obstacles!