Green Blowings
Green Blowings
Green Blowings

Green Blowings

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Stitches story;

This our necklace contains a Pearl which reminds us of the centric green-gray touch. This piece is made with a lot of discipline, cross stitching the different colors encouraging being creative yet organized.

" Make a wish and put on your necklace. Believing in yourself can unlock a world of possibilities. Wear your necklace as a reminder that positive energy is the key to happiness!"

Product specifications:

Pendant height: 4 in                       Pendant Width: 2 in
Chain length: 22in                           Chain type: Metal 
Threads: DMC- Silk, Red                 Wight: 3 oz 

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“Though I was unable to follow my dreams, I’ll never let that happen to my kids. I am investing my talent, time and efforts to build the bright future they deserve to have.”

As many girls living in a refugee camp, Abeer was obligated to get married at the young age of 18. Due to her husband's financial problems, Abeer wasn’t able to join the University and pursue her dreams of becoming an Arabic teacher.  She gave birth to three children and in order to provide them with their necessary life needs, she learned how to make embroidery. Sadly, the income was not enough. Seven years later, she found the Yadaiha team, and due to our continuous demand, Abeer is now able to care for her family with no fear!

With colorful Palestinian stitches and stunning patterns, Abeer's magnificent embroidery work is sue to spread love, peace, and vitality.