Farms of Citrus
Farms of Citrus
Farms of Citrus
Farms of Citrus
Farms of Citrus

Farms of Citrus

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Stitches story;

This pattern represents a magnificent aerial view of one of the fields in “Beit Daras,” an old village in Palestine.
Farmers love how their trees run deep through steep canyons, wide open spaces and starry nights.

Wear your bag as a reminder to pursue new frontiers and adventures.

Product specifications:

Description: Handmade Leather Bag

Shape: Circle                    Threads: DMC- Silk, Colorful
Diameter: 7.87 in               Cloth: Itamin fabric, Beige
Handle length:  67 in           Depth: 3 in                
Weight: 14 oz

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“I fully remember the first day without my mom, who died after my dad’s death, who died after my brother’s martyrdom in the 2014 war.”

After losing her providers, Eman was obliged to leave school and find a way to feed her family of five! Believing in herself and her untapped talent, she directed her efforts towards handmade and embroidery products.

Though her initial efforts were met by scams and devious shops owners, she ultimately heard about the hardworking and honest Yadaiha team in the Gaza Strip. Not only can Eman now provide her family with life essentials, she is also one of the best workers of Yadaiha team. She dreams to expand her work inside and outside the country to share embroidery and peace.