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Piano Bookmark
Piano Bookmark
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Piano Bookmark

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About the bookmark;

It is embroidered handmade, professionally designed, and crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, with a modern flair and sensibility.

It is not just about book's breaks, it is about attracting you to go bake for reading as well as giving meaning it.
Choose yours now and read with your passion.

Product specifications:

Length: 5.75 in
Width: 1.9 in
Thread type: DMC - Silk

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“There is nothing worse than feeling homeless when you have a family, I work day and night to give my four kids happiness, peace, and hope!”

Eman got married when she was 16 years old. Unfortunately, it was to an abusive husband who beat her and their children. They were living in a very rundown and humid room in her husband’s house surrounded by rats, sewage water would flood into the room and Eman was always the one having to clean it. On top of that, her youngest son became very sick with chest infections.

Eman endured from a terrible accident seven years ago when she dropped hot water on her body causing severe burns in the chest area. Her breasts were completely damaged and she needed to undergo plastic surgery to mend her burns.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the end to Eman’s suffering. Her husband broke her hands twice and caused her many other wounds. Three years ago, he and his mother kicked Eman out onto the street with her children. Eman’s father is very sick and her mother is very poor so her parents can only afford to house Eman, but not her children.

When Eman new about Yadaiha through an international organization, Eman’s life changing journey started!,  she became able to rent a house for her own, educating her children, as well as handling her treatment expenses.