The Green Windmill Necklace
The Green Windmill Necklace
The Green Windmill Necklace

The Green Windmill Necklace

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Stitches story;

It mainly represents the moon of Bethlehem and stunning stars spinning around in a peaceful warm summer night sky.

Put your scarf on and make a wish with the stars and the moon, and the world will be a brighter place. Wear the scarf and remember that your spirit, love, peace, and light are the reasons we create these magnificent stitches.

Product specifications:

Pendant height: 4 in                       Pendant Width: 2 in
Chain length: 22in                           Chain type: Metal
Threads: DMC- Silk, Red                 Wight: 3 oz 

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“Getting kicked out of an exam was the hardest moment in my life. It is not my fault that I was born poor.” - Lawyer and embroidery worker

Zahraa is a Palestinian Bedouin, born and raised in a refugee camp. She was an outstanding student in school and decided to study law. Unfortunately, she had to postpone her studies twice as a result of her family’s inability to help support her. When her father informed her that he could no longer handle her college expenses, Zahraa was both frustrated and disappointed.

After visiting the Yadaiha website and reading our team members’ success stories, she contacted us asking for a chance to learn how to work with embroidery (handmade). Yadaiha provided this determined woman a chance to learn and work, which enabled her to pursue her education and graduate with honors. Zahraa is now a working lawyer and a good worker at the same time.

She dreams to spread her story all over the world and inspire women to reach for the moon!