The Joy of Life Wallet
The Joy of Life Wallet
The Joy of Life Wallet
The Joy of Life Wallet

The Joy of Life Wallet

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Product specifications:

Shape: Rectangular                        

Cloth: Jeans, Blue   Threads: DMC- Silk, Red-Blue-Green                                                       

  • Large                                                                                                             Weight: 7 oz              Dimensions: (7.5×5) in 
  • Small                                                                                                             Weight: 3 oz              Dimensions: (5.5×3.75) in 

Get to Know about the creative producer:

“ As many young girls, I dream of having a smartphone, some jewelry and a cool outfit, so I created my own handmade items!”


Dalal is a passionate and talented young lady. She received a BA in fashion design but never had the chance to work due to the lack of opportunities in Gaza, no was she able to start her own business or take further training courses because of the burdensome expenses. However, with so much potential and determination, Dalal developed her talent in Palestinian fashion and embroidery design and began selling her designs to relatives and acquaintances.

The Yadaiha team was lucky to find Dalal as she has become an essential part of our design team. She is taking serious steps in making her dreams come true by raising capital for her own project - something that will allow her to participate in international fashion exhibits.